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TRW Rotor Scale

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TRW Rotor Scale 

Introduction to FRC powder quantitative system

FRC powder quantitative system has been widely used in cement, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power industries such as coal powder continuous transmission of the flow measurement and quantitative feeding the industrial links, such as cement fly ash, slag powder to the quantitative and transmission is a typical example, in the process of its feeding stability, uniformity, etc. The problem is the main factor affecting the measuring accuracy.

FRC powder quantitative feeding system is a new type of powder flow detection and control equipment system developed on the basis of digestion and absorption of foreign-related product technology.

1. System structure and working principle

The FRC powder quantitative system consists of a horizontal star wheel rotor feeder with uniform and stable feeding, a balanced rotor weighing machine with accurate weighing and a powerful control system.

Each link of the system is specially designed for the characteristics of powder materials, which can well solve the problems of the warehouse, hole, leakage, spurting and so on in the process of storage and feeding of powder materials.

Structure diagram of the whole quantitative feeding system:

Powder feeder evenly by the level of the star wheel rotor steadily into the balance the rotor weighing machine, which measured the flow size of powder materials, and deal with the signal into the control system, control system compared to set the measured flow and flow, use the deviation rate of star wheel rotor feeder and balance the rotor weighing machine speed, realizes the continuous conveying powder and uniform and stable quantitative feeding, accurately measure the instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow.

1.1 structure and principle of horizontal star wheel rotor feeder

The horizontal star wheel rotor feeder is a volumetric feeder, which is composed of multiple horizontal star wheels (rotors). Its function is to even take out the powder material from the storage, and continuously and evenly supply the material to the lower weighing equipment, adjust the rotor speed, can achieve different feed volume.

Schematic diagram of its structure:

The feeder is divided into multiple functional areas by pressure regulating plate and partition plate:

Receiving area, taking area, pressure equalization area and volume measurement area. The material enters the feeding area under the action of the stirring blade in the receiving area, and the rotation of the stirring blade enables the powder layer to be divided as a whole to achieve the effect of integral flow. The material then passes through the rotating rotor in the charging area to enter the pressure equalization area, and the blade in the pressure equalization area is designed into a spiral shape, so that the material in the warehouse is fully loose, gas-solid separation, approximate to the natural state, density is stable, so as to offset the bulk density changes affect the measurement accuracy. The metering area is volumetric, and the powder is filled with the metering rotor. By rotating the rotor, the constant volume feeding can be realized, and the feeding is uniform and stable.

The feeder features:

(1) the material receiving diameter is designed to be large, and it is equipped with a stirring device, so there will be no shed or bridge.

(2) multi-layer separation structure design, material direction deflection for many times.Non - steel seal, no powder spray and leakage.

(3) because of the effect of pressure regulating plate and pressure balancing zone, the powder material enters the metering zone with stable density, which is not affected by the warehouse capacity and the warehouse pressure. The material supply is stable, uniform and accurate.

1.2 structure and principle of balance rotor weighing machine

The balanced rotor weighing machine adopts the ring balance rotor mechanism, whose function is to complete the continuous conveying and flow measurement of the powder, and can realize the quantitative feeding by adjusting the rotor. It is by the disk-shaped scale body, rotor, drive mechanism, weighing sensor and speed sensor composition, the scale body is completely sealed, so as not to work dust overflow.

Schematic diagram of the structure:

The asymmetrical arrangement of the two fulcra will balance the balance structure, when the material is not, can adjust the balance device so that the whole scale relative to the fulcrum in balance. The two fulcrum points are on the same axis with the inlet and outlet, and the inlet and outlet are connected with the outside flexibly. Rotor is composed of a series of blade, is actually one by one by the rotation of the space, the blanking material from the inlet into the space of the rotor, the rotor rotation reached the discharging mouth eduction, so relative to the pivot, disc weigher body half the material, the other half without material, make the scale body out of balance, unbalance degree depends on the material weight, and installed in the scale of weighing sensors on one side of the body. In addition to the weight of the material on the disk, the feed quantity of the outlet is also related to the rotor speed. Weight signal and speed signal are sent to the control system for calculation and processing, and the flow of powder can be obtained. By adjusting the rotor speed, quantitative feeding can be realized.

The weighing machine features:

(1) the fulcrum symmetrically supports the scale body to form a balanced structure. The inlet and outlet are on the same axis as the fulcrum. The inlet and outlet, airflow pressure and ash accumulation have no influence on the weighing measurement results.

(2) the weight of the powder material in the scale body is directly measured, reducing the error caused by the measurement of reaction force.

(3) when the material enters the weighing body from both sides of the supporting axis of the weighing body, the impact force will not affect the balance of the weighing body, and the additional torque generated by the adhesive material on the rotor blade will automatically cancel out due to symmetry, so that the dynamic zero of the weighing body will not change.

(4) the scale body and rotor are of cast steel structure, which is not deformed, wear-resistant, with constant clearance, good material controllability and long-term stable operation.

(5) simple structure, convenient sealing, installation and maintenance.

1.3 control system

The control system adopts the combination of modern measurement control technology and microprocessing technology, and consists of the control host, interface module, display unit, signal processing unit and measuring speed adjustment unit, which is integrated with a control cabinet.

The main control machine adopts LCXK proprietary instrument of Chengde company and adopts model predictive control algorithm, which is our patented technology, with very quick response and sensitivity adjustment. The main function of the system is to calculate and process all kinds of signals received, display the changes of instantaneous flow, accumulated flow and load curve, automatically remove tare weight, and have the function of abnormal alarm, fault self-inspection and perfect signal transmission and communication.

2, application

The system has the advantages of uniform and reliable feeding, accurate measurement, good sealing effect and high control precision, and can be calibrated online. It has realized the high automation of quantitative feeding, which is especially applicable to the measurement of fly ash, such as the flow measurement of fly ash and slag powder in cement plant, and also applicable to the measurement of other powdery materials, such as grain and grain, etc. It has a broad application prospect in the field of powder feeding.

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